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Upper School:

The four and five year olds are ready for complex manipulative work, fancy dress up and creative, problem solving block play. Listening skills and confidence in talking to a group are promoted. Singing songs and listening to stories are some of the favorite rug time activities. Fieldtrips are planned, expecially to the Carpinteria Library, where the children enjoy special presentation arraged for them by the librarian. The Carpinteria Shuttle has been a friendly way for our children to go around town. Materials are readily available for playing board games and creating special projects. Dictating stories about art work is part of the curriculum.

A large corner of the room is designed for quiet book reading and puzzle challenges. Rug time involves stories, open ended questions, songs, sharing and prayer. Leaders for the week are chosen at rug time. Small group activities include workng with concepts such as matching, serration, cause and effect, opposites and so forth. Curriculum is planned but flexible, in case a child or teacher brings in a new thought or item to school that day.

Clean up is an important part of the morning, as children get ready for snack and play group games, work with then parachute and /or jump rope.

God's bless the four and five year olds, their teachers and their families.

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