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Lower School:

In the innocence of the two and three year olds, comes curiosity and discovery. Some arrive to school independent and ready to go. Others come worried about how they will take care of themselves without their mommy or daddy. For most, it does not take long to discover that they can do it in what they learn will be a loving and gentle environment.

Along with learning about how to play with each other, how to bond with their teachers, how to use the toys, manipulatives and art supplies, comes first year colds and other childhood viruses. It can be frustrating but parents soon learn that all of these challenges help to build the child’s immune system.The two and three year old experiences at Kinderkirk are ones that build confidence and an expansion of their own being. They began to socialize and enjoy the play house that changes to the hospital, grocery store or restaurant. Every day the children can count on a routine that involves a rug time for stories, songs and name recognition, a choice time that includes block play, dress-up, manipulatives and creative art along with teacher directed activities. Following inside time the children clean up and prepare to go outside to enjoy the choices of the Outdoor Classroom. For those children who stay all day, the afternoon includes lunch, rest time and outdoor playtime.

God bless the two and three year olds, their teachers and their families.

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